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Free Keyword Research Tool – The Best Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Google has a free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner to know the exact phrases people use. You cannot see the actual monthly search volume with the Keyword Planner. For that, you may need to run an AdWords campaign. 

And that costs you money, and however, it should not put you off the tool. Since you can do the keyword research here, you can get almost the exact monthly search volume for your keywords. 

The Keyword Planner can be free if you ‘create an account without a campaign.’ But then it requires a lot of clicks. The best alternative to finding your keywords is sifting through our Keyword Research Tool. It has a lot of valuable features we’ll reveal later. 


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Use our free keyword research tool to discover the best keywords related to your content and find out which keywords you should focus on to rank higher. This free seo tool is used by major brands around the world. It's one of the best free seo tools because it not only finds a list of popular keywords, but also shows their competition, search volume, average CPC and daily trend.

Keywords are the phrases and terms that humans kind into search engines like google like google and yahoo that allows you to discover what they may be searching for, and the thoughts and subjects defining what a bit of content material is all about. Keyword studies is a foundational a part of your search engine marketing method allowing you to perceive the proper phrases and terms to target. From this basis you may higher apprehend your on-line competitors, enhance your on-web page optimization and feature an oversized effect on accomplishing your search engine marketing goals.


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